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Nice Society

How the finished website of Nice Society looks on mobile and desktop computer.

Nice Society website frontpage
Nice Society website frontpage on a mobile

This website is again based on a CSS Grid Layout and uses Perch CMS for content entry.

As yet not all pages are utilised but are built and ready to use.

The client has commented on how easy the CMS is to use and regularly changes events and add photos and blog posts.

This website has recently (2022) undergone a rebuild using Kirby as the content management system, which replaced Perch CMS. The client has found the change relatively simple.

One of the better qualities of Kirby is the range of plugins available, one plugin which has been used one this website is a help section for the CMS system; this allows pages to be written for the client giving instructions on how to use each function of the CMS.

Find the finished website here:- Nice Society