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EICAC (Information, Calculators & Conversions)

How the finished website of EICAC (Information, Calculators & Conversions) looks on mobile and desktop computer.

EICAC website frontpage
EICAC website frontpage on a mobile

This was the first website I built, it has had several iterations and is now based on a CSS Grid layout.

It’s a website which is engineering based and has three distinct areas; general information, engineering conversions and lastly engineering calculators.

As I am an engineer at heart, I have found the challenge of combining engineering and website design a pleasure and very fulfilling.

This website is built using a Gulp Boilerplate and when time allows will be rebuilt using Gridsome.

As of 2022 this website has been rebuilt using Eleventy(11ty) as the Gulp Boilerplate method has seen it’s time and the use of a well rounded static site generator seemed the perfect way forwards.

Find the finished website here:- EICAC (Information, Calculators & Conversions)