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Dukesmead Boarding Kennels & Cattery

How the finished website of Dukesmead Boarding Kennels & Cattery looks on mobile and desktop computer.

Dukesmead Boarding Kennels & Cattery website frontpage
Dukesmead Boarding Kennels & Cattery website frontpage on a mobile

A recently finished static website for a client in Wiltshire, making use of webp format images where possible, all helping to make for a fast responsive website.

This was a simple and straight-forwards build, as there was no need for contact form, with the only additional feature being a downloadable or printable terms and conditions page.

This website has recently been updated to take advantage of a Jamstack Framework Gridsome, this update results in increased speed, higher security, progressive images, and link prefetching for the client.

As of 2022 this website has been rebuilt using Eleventy(11ty) as Gridsome has seen no development for the last two years. The hope is that Eleventy(11ty) is a framework that will continue well into the future.

Find the finished website here:- Dukesmead Boarding Kennels & Cattery