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David Mutten Tiling

How the finished website of David Mutten Tiling looks on mobile and desktop computer.

David Mutten Tiling website frontpage
David Mutten Tiling website frontpage on a mobile

A mobile first website, designed using CSS Grid and Flex.

The finished website uses Perch CMS complete with a Twitter feed, an anti-spam honeypot feature on the contact page and a Projects page showcasing some of David’s fantastic tiling.

Using Perch CMS allows David to easily add, delete or re-order new projects as he completes them, he can add photos and add text to describe the details of each project.

Again, this has since been superseded with a newer website which was rebuilt with Eleventy as Perch has seen no development recently, a real shame as it was a very good CMS.

Find the finished website here:- David Mutten Tiling