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Bloxham Tipping Services

How the finished website of Bloxham Tipping Services looks on mobile and desktop computer.

Bloxham Tipping Services website frontpage
Bloxham Tipping Services website frontpage on a mobile

This website signifies a change in direction for Fat Buddha Designs, it’s the first time using a Jamstack build.

For the build process, it was decided to use Gridsome, which is a static site generator based on Vue.js and results in very quick, secure websites for the client.

This website again has been rewritten using Eleventy(11ty) as Gridsome has seen no development for the last two years. The hope is that Eleventy(11ty) is a framework that will continue well into the future.

The client provided the images and already had the logo, which provided the colour base for the website.

This is a relatively simple website with no Blog or News section and the page speeds are very quick.

Find the finished website here:- Bloxham Tipping Services