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From small business owners to medium-scale organizations, I offer website packages to help you create a fast, mobile-friendly website that looks great, are accessible and is easy to use. With my expertise and years of experience, I strive to help you build an effective website that meets your needs.

There are two main types of website available, the first type of website is a static site, which means that the content of the pages do not change and these don't have a blog or news section. I use either opens in a new windowGridsome or opens in a new window Eleventy for building these.

The second type of website is a CMS (Content Management System) based site, these allow the content (images, wording etc.) to be changed via an internet-based control panel. A CMS based website can easily accommodate one or two blog or news section.

The CMS based websites I build are usually based on opens in a new windowKirby CMS or for simpler websites opens in a new windowEleventy and opens in a new windowNetlify CMS

Eccomerce Websites

The Eccomerce websites I build are based on opens in a new windowSnipcart, this lets you sell physical products all over the world. Shipping, inventory and discount features help you manage orders even from a mobile phone.

The beauty of using a ready built solution such as Snipcart is that it takes away any security and money handling issues from you the website owner, Snipcart handle all the security side of any transaction.

Why use Kirby CMS?

You may ask why I chose to use a relatively unheard of CMS system in Kirby rather than WordPress, Drupal or Jumla, the reasons are:-

What's included in my website packages

As standard all websites I build will include:-

But How Much Will A Website Cost?

This is like the typical 'how long is a piece of string question?'. Factors include whether a CMS is required, how many pages are needed, whether a contact form is needed etc.

I can say a one page website can start from as low as £250 excluding hosting and then prices increase from that depending on the complexity of the website.

If you have some idea of what you would like then please contact me and we can discuss what would be the best solution for you, I can then give you a cost.

Labour Packs

I offer labour packs for websites that I have built, these can be purchased in blocks of five hours. Once purchased the hours can be used as necessary, for maintenance, updates or just general site improvements and tweaks.

Before any work is started I will give a time allowance to any particular job.

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