Website Building

Whether you are a start-up business with no web presence or a long-standing business with an existing web presence, Fat Buddha Designs is able to offer a solution.

I offer a range of website packages to suit all needs, all builds are fast, mobile-friendly websites. My aim is to build great looking, very usable websites.

There are two main types of website available, the first is a static site, which means that the content of the pages does not change and these don't have a blog or news section and the second is a CMS (Content Management System) based site, these allow the content (images, wording etc. ) to be changed by via an internet-based control panel. A CMS based website can easily accommodate one or more blog or news sections.

The CMS based websites I build are usually based on Perch CMS or for bigger sites I use Perch Runway CMS.

You may ask why I chose to use a relatively unheard of CMS system in Perch rather than WordPress, Drupal or Jumla, the reasons are:-

  • It is very easy to integrate into an existing static website, it does not add anything to the code, keeping it very clean
  • It is well supported and has a very good community around it
  • It is very easy for clients to use the control panel with its simple structure
  • It is fast
  • It is constantly being developed and improved, with regular updates being very easy to install
  • It requires no special hosting environment
  • WordPress based websites are the most hacked websites out there.

As standard, I include:-

  • A Privacy-policy page or privacy modal for single page websites, as it's a requirement of GDPR.
  • 404 error page.
  • Clickable phone and email links
  • All websites using my hosting will automatically be secure (https).

I offer a labour pack for websites I have built, these can be purchased in blocks of five hours. Once purchased the hours can be used as necessary for maintenance, updates or just site improvements, before any work is started I will give a time allowance to any particular job.

Below is a breakdown of the packages available.

Single Page Package

One Page Website



  • Single Page Website
  • Privacy Policy Modal
  • Choice of 4 Templates

Starter Package

Affordable Website Design



  • 4 Page Website
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact Page
  • Choice of 4 Templates

CMS Package

Manage Your Own Content



  • 6 Page Website
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Editable Content
  • Choice of 4 Templates

E-commerce Package

Snipcart based shop



  • All of the Starter Package
  • Snipcart E-commerce
  • Choice of 4 Templates

Bespoke Package

Whatever You Want



  • Bespoke Designs
  • Custom Functionality
  • Anything You Need