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What Type Of Website Do You Need?

So you would like a new website but what type do you need? There are several types to choose from, Blog, Brochure or Ecommerce for starters.

How Green Is Your Website?

Have you ever thought of how green your website is? This carbon calculator will help you work out how your website is impacting the planet.

House Keeping For Your Website

There is never a bad time to carry out some housekeeping tasks if you own a website, but with the start of a new year it's the ideal time to ensure your website is working at it's best.

Static Website Source Files

Leading on from the previous post about Static Website Boilerplate here are more details of the src file structure used.

Static Website Boilerplate

Not all websites warrant a CMS and are simply static sites where the content does not change, these can easily be built using a boilerplate.