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What's Happening Now


Right now, I’m busy converting several client websites from Perch CMS and Gridsome to Kirby and Eleventy.

I’ve come to realise that some clients don’t need a CMS and so their websites are being rebuilt using Eleventy to statically generate the website.

With this comes the ability to host the websites on Netlify and use their form function to handle form submissions.

Also where relevant, I’m adding WhatThreeWords locations to client websites, this is far more accurate than using addresses and postcodes.

I’m also looking to use modern CSS selectors more, such as :has() and accent-color.


Just now I’m reading ‘Dawnlands’ by Philippa Gregory. A fantastic historical novel based in England in the 17th century, third in the Fairmile series of books.


Right now I’m listening to a podcast called ‘The Diary Of A CEO’ hosted by Steven Bartlett of Dragons Den fame, he has some great guests and a clever way of asking awkward and telling questions.


I’m part way through making some wooden bee and bird houses (to my own design) that can be spread around the garden to help the wildlife.

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