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by Will Moody

In these strange times, some businesses are looking to broaden their income streams. This was the case for a local yoga studio, Barley Yoga & Dance, who through the Covid pandemic had switched to offering classes via Zoom.

Hosting on Netlify

by Will Moody

I built a small website for my wife's Foot Health business, For Fabulous Feet. We needed to keep costs to a minimum as it's a small business.

Cleantalk Antispam

by Will Moody

I recently came across some conversations on the Perchology Slack channel discussing the Cleantalk Antispam plugin and decided to give it a try on my website EICAC which had been sending me quite a bit of spam through the contact form.

To Jamstack or not?

by Will Moody

What is Jamstack?

JAMstack where JAM stands for JavaScript, API's and Markup, and it's a stack of those that you use to build your new web application.

How Green Is Your Website?

by Will Moody

Have you ever thought of how green your website is? This carbon calculator will help you work out how your website is impacting the planet.

Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

by Will Moody

Yes, according to RFC 2821, the local mailbox (the portion before @) is considered case-sensitive. However, e-mail addresses are not usually case-sensitive because of the difficulties and confusion it would cause between users, the server, and the administrator.

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