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What Type Of Website Do You Need?

Types of website available


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So you would like a new website, but what type do you need?

There are five main categories of website; personal, blog, business, charity and e-commerce. These can all be of different formats.


Personal websites can vary but often end up being for a portfolio, resume or as a way to share personal information.

Whether the person’s website gives details of a resume for someone looking for employment, personal websites are usually created for a single event or purpose.

Because personal websites are built for a single event, they are usually not optimized for search in a major way, and they really don’t need to be.


A blog website is created for the sole purpose of housing a blog, content is regularly added to this type of website in a blog format as a way to distribute information to an audience.

A blog website usually has easily shareable content, an RSS feed and social media buttons for users as a way to connect with a target audience.

Blog websites usually build organic SEO over time due to the nature of the added content, but it’s important to ensure good SEO practices are employed.


A business website is one of a number of tools that companies can use to further their marketing efforts and generate sale leads and brand awareness.

The goal of a business website is to be an extension of a company and provide information that sells services or products in a way that gets a user to contact them.

Most companies have business websites as they are essential in generating sales or leads in today’s online world.


This type of website is used for charity work or fundraising. Charity websites have certain features built-in, such as ways to donate or volunteer.

Charity websites are normally geared toward a specific cause or organization and provide a lot of detailed information.

Often times, they are not well optimized for search or are only optimized specifically for the name of the charity or fundraiser.


E-commerce websites are for companies or individuals that want to sell or just show their products online. At the date of writing this article, statistics show ‘that 21.55% of the world’s population buy online’, source and this figure is growing so an online presence can be a great asset.

This type of website is usually the most expensive to build as they have the most functionality built-in as it must contain features such as product listings and details, sorting capabilities, payment processing systems, shipment processes, and more.

E-commerce websites need to have well-developed SEO as they compete heavily on specific words in an attempt to reach their audience via search engines such as Google.

Formats Of Websites


This type of site helps your business raise or position your brand and tells your customers what you do and how you do it.

Brochure sites vary in size from just a few pages to several dozen, functionality tends to be at the basic end of the scale with maybe a contact form or search function.


These websites are used If you want to show off your work, your website needs to include a portfolio, some case studies or gallery. They are useful if customers want to see examples of your work to help them decide whether to buy from you or not.


If your organisation; say a charity or government body needs to make information available online to service users or the general public this is the type of website to use, you need a well-organised site with a structure that’s easy to follow for everyone.


If you’ve got a list of assets that change regularly, you’ll need a listings site.

This type of website is often used by estate agents or car salesrooms, a listings site gets updated by the site administrator daily or weekly as properties or cars are sold or rented.


If you’re running a holiday cottages business or running ticketed events such as yoga classes, you’re going to need facilities for users to make online bookings and payments, then this is the type of website to have.

Will You Need To Change Your Content Often?

Websites can be either be static, where the content never changes or have the content regularly updated, these or usually blogs or e-commerce type websites. The type of website that constantly updates its content is usually referred to as a CMS(content management system) website, CMS’s such WordPress or Drupal are common.

CMS type websites can also be useful for certain business websites, such as a builders site, where they like to add details of newly completed projects or websites such as this where blog posts are added along with recently completed projects.

A good web developer will help you choose the correct type of website for your needs offering advice and guidance as part of the build process. If you need help please [get in touch] (/contact/).

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