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The Move To Kirby CMS

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2022 has seen a major shift in the way I develop websites for clients.

I had been using Perch CMS as my CMS based framework for many years, unfortunately, the couple who ran and developed the software have separated and sold the software to another party, they have not carried on with the development and so it’s time to move on.

Why did I choose Kirby CMS?

There are many CMS frameworks in the marketplace including Craft, Grav, Kirby, Statamic and of course WordPress. But why did I choose Kirby?

I discounted WordPress because of the hackability and the ongoing maintenance when using plugins.

In my research Craft, Grav, Kirby and Statamic all accounted well but running a trial of Kirby just felt easier and I am impressed with the roadmap of future developments.

Firstly Kirby is a flat-file CMS and so doesn’t require a database, meaning less work in setting up and less ongoing maintenance.

Kirby also has a roadmap for future development and there are regular bi-weekly updates and improvements from the core team.

There are several free plugins available to make the whole package very flexible.

And lastly, there is a great support network, there are several great examples of code on the official website, Discord or with the support forum that has lots of input from fellow developers.

So far I have developed a few sites for clients and the transition from Perch to Kirby has gone well. I look forwards to building more sites with Kirby in the future.

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