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How Green Is Your Website?

Website carbon calculator

Author: Will Moody


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Have you ever thought of how green your website is? This carbon calculator will help you work out how your website is impacting the planet.

The internet uses a lot of energy, over 416TWh per year, that is more than the whole of the United Kingdom. This figure is climbing day by day as more and more devices are used.

This calculator uses five key pieces of data to make a pretty good estimate of the energy used by your website:

Reduce the size of files which need transferring. Images can be reduced in file size but not quality by using software like RIOT, and of course, using less images and videos will help greatly.

Use system fonts, again each font used means a 'weight' added to your file transfers.

Build websites using a Jamstack build as these give very fast load times.

Go with a hosting company that uses all or part of it's energy from 'green' sources. And has it's servers close to where your target audience is, for instance if you have built a website aimed at a French audience, then it makes more sense to use a hosting company in France rather than the USA.

There is an article here which gives 17 ways to make your website more energy efficient.

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