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Emails when hosting on Netlify

Hosting On Netlify


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Having built an 11ty (Eleventy) and Snipcart based website for my daughters business which is hosted on Netlify, I needed to find a solution to her website email, info@uppergrange.co.uk, being a usable email address.

After searching around I found ImprovMX and the email forwarding solution they offer.

The solution ImprovMX offer is very simply to add three values to the Netlify DNS setup for the domain, which then forwards the emails from info@uppergrange.co.uk to any email, in my daughters case a Gmail email address.

The settings used are very easy to implement, simply go to your Netlify DNS settings and in our case add :

MX	uppergrange.co.uk.	10	mx1.improvmx.com.
MX	uppergrange.co.uk.	20	mx2.improvmx.com.
TXT	uppergrange.co.uk.	v=spf1 include:spf.improvmx.com ~all

I have tested the setup and all emails set arrive in the Gmail account, a very simple solution, but of course this isn’t the solution to everyone’s problem.

In other instances I have successfully added DNS records at Netlify to use an existing email account hosted elsewhere, in my case with Clook and this also works well.

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