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Your Contract Termination Policy

As a website designer/developer should you have the right to terminate a contract when faced with awkward or hard to deal with clients?

Cleantalk Antispam

I recently came across some conversations on the Perchology Slack channel discussing the Cleantalk Antispam plugin and decided to give it a try on my website EICAC which had been sending me quite a bit of spam through the contact form.

How Green Is Your Website?

Have you ever thought of how green your website is? This carbon calculator will help you work out how your website is impacting the planet.

Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

According to RFC 2821, the local mailbox (the portion before @) is considered case-sensitive. However, e-mail addresses are not usually case-sensitive because of the difficulties and confusion it would cause between users, the server, and the administrator.

House Keeping For Your Website

There is never a bad time to carry out some housekeeping tasks if you own a website, but with the start of a new year it's the ideal time to ensure your website is working at it's best.

Google Maps Not Loading Correctly

There are a growing number of websites that uses Google Maps where the maps aren't loading correctly as they don't have a valid API key.

Sitewide Handlebars Details

Creating a details.yml file which looks like the one below helps greatly, this gives me a bunch of details which only have to be changed once to update all pages and partials.

Why the right Domain Name selection is important

Without domain names the internet would be a very different place with each device connected having an Internet protocol (IP) address, remembering the IP addresses of all of your favourite websites would be nearly impossible and so some clever people devised the domain name system.

How I use a Company Details Page in Perch

It's important to make any CMS as easy to use for clients as possible, if it's hard to use you will get asked to help or explain multiple times how to do a simple task.

Does Your Website Really Need HTTPS?

I now believe it’s a good idea for all businesses to secure their websites with 'https' , this has changed over the recent past, with Google now placing more emphasis on 'https' as part of the overall ranking algorithm.