Integrating Snipcart into a Perch CMS build

by Will Moody

Integrating Snipcart into a Perch CMS build

Approximate Reading Time: 1 minute

In these strange times, some businesses are looking to broaden their income streams. This was the case for a local yoga studio, Barley Yoga & Dance, who through the Covid pandemic had switched to offering classes via Zoom. They found there was also a need to supply yoga mats and blocks to new and existing clients who when attending classes had used the studio's equipment.

After some research, it was decided the quickest and most cost-effective e-commerce solution was Snipcart. The shop was added to the existing Perch built website.

The process was relatively simple. Product images, colours and descriptions are added through the Perch admin panel. This then displays the products on a  shop page with a filter to narrow down product types if required.

An add to cart button is added to each product, this carries through to the cart all the necessary details including the product weight, this is required if shipping.

Once the client adds the product to their cart then Snipcart takes over and handles the purchasing part of the transaction.

Snipcart pricing is very competitive with a flat rate of 2% per transactions plus gateway fees. There are a host of features including stock tracking, Webhooks & Inventory Management.